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    Sep 15, 2012, 11:45 AM - Eastwood Man With No Name Poncho Help #1

    I have my choices down to two Hollywood Prop or Barron hats. I like choice two because its cheaper on the wallet thoughts? are they both movie accurate ? on a side note the railroad shirt from spaghetti Western replicas has been discounted they cant find the material any more, and Hollywood prop shirts are almost out I got the last XLT.

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    Sep 15, 2012, 12:06 PM - Re: Eastwood Man With No Name Poncho Help #2

    The Hollywood props version is more accurate.

    They both look good, very good, but the real poncho is not woven like a blanket. Check out this picture.

    Also notice the seam at the shoulder and the texture of the fabric. It's not heavy, actually the opposite. From what I can tell of the Baron one it is going to be a woven blanket.

    The railroad striped shirts are hard to find. Many costumers end up using modern dress shirts. I have found a banana republic shirt that works very well with only a tiny bit of help.
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    Sep 17, 2012, 2:51 AM - Re: Eastwood Man With No Name Poncho Help #3

    in a pinch for the shirt you can search ebay for "Lucky Brand Jeans LS cotton shirt blue denim stripe button front NWT MSRP $69.50". Ill actually sell you the one I bought, its a large, never worn or washed, for $20 shipped. I ended up with a more accurate shirt.

    If your a small or medium, and remember he wears the shirt one size too small in the films, search ebay for "Men's MARC MOTO white blue stripe long sleeve casual button front shirt sz S M L" they are sold out of large, I got the last one. I just cut the shoulder tabs off and replaced the buttons.

    To date nobody has got the poncho right. Its either the wrong design pattern, not stitched, impropper material and wrong color. They are also a generic size thats too long. Im 6'3" and am going to have to get a few inches taken off on mine.

    Same inadequacies hold true for the hatband and any available holster rig.

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