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    Nov 1, 2012, 4:28 AM - Drago Lordist's 2012 Halloween Costume Contest Entry - SubZero #1

    After leaving the choice to a vote of my friends on facebook, I have decided to enter my SubZero costume from MK vs DC.

    After seeing some SubZero costumes that were little more than a gi, tabbards, and a mask, compared to all of the amazing Scorpion ones, I felt like SubZero had to be done some measure of justice and accuracy. I also had plans to build this in time to wear it to a convention along side a Kitana, but that fell through.

    First I narrowed down which version I wanted to do (it's a peeve of mine when people mix 2 versions of a character) and then I found what little references existed. I started with the blue portions of the tabbards using some leftovers from a costume from last year. I hand drew out my own pattern and split that pattern into the blue portion and the black portions. I also laid out and ironed the blue fabric that would line the leg seam of the pants and the top and bottom of the obi.

    I used a pants pattern I've used a lot based on a pair of my jeans and put them together next along with the obi which I eyeballed.

    I came back to my tabbards and created the black portions over the shoulders and at each hanging end. I had been experimenting with silk screening earlier this year, so I reused this knowledge to print the pattern onto the blue tabbards. The paint was too thin to give me the effect I wanted, so once the silk screening had laid out the pattern, I went over it with a brush. (for all of this I used silver tulip fabric paint.)

    I continued on with the tabbards by doing the quilting over the black shoulders and went in with more silver fabric paint to draw on the 4 dragons by hand.

    After taking a break on this to work on one of my commissions, I came back to it and made the hood using a pattern I had made last year and I put together the pauldrons/epaulettes. To paint these, I used the same silver fabric paint by hand, and to achieve the darker cracks I mixed it with a bit of black acrylic paint which worked very well.

    Next, I attached the epaulettes to the tabbards and I put together the belt with the diamond pattern.

    I put together the bicep straps and modified some cheap shin guards before painting and clear coating them

    I started putting together the mask next. It's made of thin craft foam sheets coated in plastidip to give it a nice smooth surface and fill in the porous surface. This is held on by elastic running under the hood.

    I painted the blue portions, filled in the air holes with mesh and added a small black strap under my chin to keep it in place and keep the shape.

    I experimented with scarring makeup and blue eyeliner pens to get a good scar effect over my eye

    Finally I made up the black vest for underneath everything to finish it off.

    So, I wore it to con, got a lot of compliments, and I feel like it's the best and most accurate SubZero costume out there. I hope you agree.

    With my "proof" photo, I bid you all a good night and a Happy Halloween!

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    Nov 1, 2012, 7:54 AM - Re: Drago Lordist's 2012 Halloween Costume Contest Entry - SubZero #2

    Great job! I'm loving the dragon in fabric paint effect. Those tabbards look so cool!
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    Nov 1, 2012, 6:03 PM - Re: Drago Lordist's 2012 Halloween Costume Contest Entry - SubZero #3

    This entry is complete.

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