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    I am a lucky man. I have a beautiful girl friend who wants to dress up like a sexy twi'lek Jedi of her own volition. This will be her Halloween costume, so I have several months to help her figure out how to do this. Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, so I'm no slouch at creative costuming. However, I'm not so arrogant as to think I'm on par with impressive costumers of this board. So I turn to you fine folks for some assistance.

    I know this is hardly unmapped territory, so what's already out there? Reinventing the wheel can be fun sometimes, but I see no reason to do it here. I'll be doing the mandatory Google searches, but if any of you have links bookmarked I would really appreciate you sharing.

    Does anyone know what the original costume was made of? Is there any particular type of fabric or leather we need to be tracking down? Are there patterns available? I haven't studied the boots in detail yet, but they look fairly generic. Any specific make and model suggestions for a good match?

    What are the preferred lekku construction methods? I imagine someone has come up with a better idea than pantyhose stuffed with socks I'm thinking maybe some kind of soft leather? Aayla's lekku tend to hang straight down her back which I think would simplify things. Is there anyway to have lekku with out a seem running the length? Has anyone cast these in latex or rubber? Would that be too heavy to wear?

    We definitely need help with body paint/makeup. She is concerned about it rubbing off on furniture or other people. Is there anything that won't rub off with moderate contact, but will still wash off easily with out staining the skin? She's a high school teacher, and showing up to class blue simply won't work. It's tough enough keeping the kids in line as it is. I have heard of this being airbrushed on. Does anyone have experience with that? I think that sounds like a great option.

    Yes, there are a lot of questions up there. I'll be searching for the answers myself, but I'm sure we've had a few members here face these already and sharing your knowledge and experience would be GREATLY appreciated
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    You lucky bleep.

    Aayla has a couple of threads on tf.n's costuming boards:

    Good luck. And we expect pictures.
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    Karma has a kick-*bleep* aalya outfit. you could talk to her.

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    As for body paint, I have a suggestion. I am a semi proffessional clown and use Mehron greasepaint. Applied thinly with a makeup sponge and properly set with powder then misted with water, it should last several hours. I wore my makeup in Atlanta at the olympics for 8 hours and only had to do a minor touch up after I ate. Properly set, it doesn't rub off and doesn't block the pores. With a gorgeous lass, applying the makeup could be fun. It washes off with baby oil or cold cream followed by a good scrubbing with baby shampoo. It might take a couple of applications but should come off with no problem. The makeup could also be used on the Lekku if they are latex coated. It will work on fabric too. I use aguste (orangeish flesh tone )on my fabric bald cap with no ill effect after applying setting powder. The trick with greasepaint is apply it thin, a little goes a long way.
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    Thanks for the head start guys. I've just sent Karma a PM and I'll be digging through those threads in detail this week end.

    Please keep it comin'.
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    Apr 3, 2013, 8:33 PM - Re: Advice with Aayla Secura costume #6

    RedTwoX were you able to complete your costume for your girlfriend? Here is the version I made for my sister in case you are still out there looking for inspiration, here is my Aayla Secura Costume.
    I tried both the links in the above posts and neither worked... I am trying to inspire myself to make another set of Lekku, but this time to dress my wife or sister up as Darth Talon.

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