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    Aug 31, 2011, 2:54 AM - 1:6th scale "Private" Joker [Full Metal Jacket] custom figure #1

    (actually Sgt. by that point in the film)

    With the Fairly recent Platoon figures from HotToys, I bought Chris and Sgt. Barnes but the vietnam (film) figure I REALLY wanted to display was Joker from Full Metal Jacket.

    I bought a loose body from ACI toys, used the head that I HAD been using on my Nathan Drake figure and added glasses by DID.
    BDUs, suspenders, and Helmet are from the HotToys Sgt. Barnes figure with the division patch removed. Pouches are also from the Barnes figure and canteens are dyed WWII canteen pouches (with the canteens modified to resemble Nam canteens).
    Boots are modern and re-painted.
    Camera, flak jacket, and bandolier.. not sure where I got them

    more pics here.. 6th scale pictures by d_jedi1 - Photobucket (some WIP)
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    Aug 31, 2011, 12:40 PM - Re: 1:6th scale "Private" Joker [Full Metal Jacket] custom figure #2

    This looks pretty damn good, nice job,

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