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    4 Days Ago  Jan 16, 2017, 4:56 PM - Re: Movies you hate that everyone else likes #401

    Anything with Will Ferrell. There is just something about that guy that makes me hate him...
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    3 Days Ago  Jan 16, 2017, 11:35 PM - Re: Movies you hate that everyone else likes #402

    astroboy said: View Post
    I haven't. I gave up after the second one. I always got the impression that they were pale sequels to the real movie. (Kind of like Rambo)...
    You're not far from wrong. 20th Century Fox was having financial problems, so the budget for each sequel got smaller and it shows in the finished movies.

    Also, Charlton Heston did not want to come back for the first sequel. He finally agreed under two conditions--his scenes had to be filmed within a two week period, and Taylor had to die. Heston claims he suggested the ending to Beneath, thinking if Taylor destroyed the planet it would be the end of the sequels. He clearly underestimated 20th Century Fox's desire to make money from the franchise, so when The Suits at Fox demanded another sequel the writers came up with the time travel idea.

    At the very least you should make an attempt to see Escape and Conquest if you're interested at all. I personally think Conquest is the best of the sequels, but since each sequel is a continuation of the story you should see Escape first or it will be difficult to understand the continuity. Battle isn't the worst movie ever made, but it's certainly the worst of the franchise. Watch it if you're curious, but don't expect much.

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