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  1. alienscollection.com's Avatar
    Member Since
    May 2002
    Nov 22, 2012, 7:39 PM - Re: Why do you collect? #26

  2. brivette007's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Stow, Ohio
    Nov 22, 2012, 8:55 PM - Re: Why do you collect? #27

    Pretty much all the prop replicas I own were things that fascinated me in my childhood. Like most kids into Star Wars, my brother and I would play flashlight or yardstick lightsabers. Eventually my parents bought the actual Star Wars toy lightsabers for us to dual with.

    One of the first movies I saw in theaters was one of the BTTF films, and I loved everything about it. For christmas that year I got the remote control Delorean toy, and I'd always pretend that the remote control was the one Doc used to control the car in the film. My dad used to do a lot of wood work, and he made a little hoverboard for me and my brother to play with. (I wonder if that's still around).

    Once I got into James Bond, I remember taping a pen and other objects together to make my own "golden gun". I even wanted my dad to make me one in his wood shop, though we never got around to doing that. The coolest toy I was ever surprised with was a plastic silenced PPK cap gun with a golden "007" on the slide. As well as the watch based on the Goldeneye videogame.

    So in a way, I'm reliving some great childhood memories, and also getting things that I'd only dreamed of owning before.
  3. BTTFSpencer's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Melbourne, Australia
    Nov 23, 2012, 1:38 AM - Re: Why do you collect? #28

    I'm not that old, but for me it's still a childhood thing. As a kid I was obsessed with Back to the Future, Jaws and the 1989 Batman movie. I watched them religiously.

    I collect props from Back to the Future.. kind of, I have a few bits and pieces. My Mark Poon Almanac is my first truly accurate prop. Receiving that was awesome. Right now though I'm building my first real prop; a screen accurate Hoverboard (stunt version... even though IMHO if it has magnets and a foot pad... it be hero.)

    It has a lot to do with sentimentality for me. When I get something that has such a strong connection to the good memories of my childhood, I go for it.

    Plus. The stuff just IS cool. In most cases the more you learn about the prop and study it... it just becomes more awesome and before you know it, it's yours. In your home to relive those amazing moments.

    Can I just say though; NOBODY appreciates it. If I show one of my props to family or whoever, they all pretty much turn into the Grinch.

    It amazes me that some are just so dull minded and oblivious to the awesome thing they are witnessing
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  4. Mean Obiwan's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    Longview, Texas, United States
    Nov 23, 2012, 2:26 AM - Re: Why do you collect? #29

    BTTFSpencer said: View Post
    Can I just say though; NOBODY appreciates it. If I show one of my props to family or whoever, they all pretty much turn into the Grinch.

    It amazes me that some are just so dull minded and oblivious to the awesome thing they are witnessing
    Indeed, my friend, indeed. I know exactly what you mean. That's why I love this site so much, to others who feel the same way I do about our items. I can spend all day busting my butt over a prop, be so proud of it, and show my family or someone, and all I get is, "Oh that's nice." or "Ahhh... what is it?"Which is distressing. So it's nice to put my stuff on here and have people actually dig it.
  5. lharles's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Nov 23, 2012, 3:21 AM - Re: Why do you collect? #30

    My collecting/collection started by accident/chance.

    When we first got an Xbox-360, (about 3-4 years after the rest of the world), we downloaded 'Portal: Still Alive' & played the game from beginning to end as a family. We took turns with the controllers, shoulder-surfed & backseat driver'd each other, & so on - until we finished the game. We LOVED it.

    While we were playing the game my kids & I kept making goofy little pictures & art projects out of the stuff from the game, (I homeschool all four of my small humans & have for years so we're pretty flexible on time/subject matter & we could justify some of the time spent playing the game as problem solving tutelage - ). Eventually, we finished the game & were making papercraft companion cubes & one of my kids said something along the lines of - "I wish we had a big cube, like in the game..."

    SO, we set out to build a full size weighted companion cube. My experiences trying to build stuff - up until this point in my life - were comedic at best. I put a drill bit through my right index finger once, smashed a knuckle on my right hand another time, numerous cuts, bruises, etc...one time I built a shelf for a small television that was so askew it looked like it belonged in a Dr. Seuss book.

    We dug in & at first it was all of my kids & I working together. It became apparent, rather quickly, that very little of what I was imagining & planning in my head was coming out in physical form. Translate that to mean that - in the beginning of the process - there was a TON of failure. My kids actually lost interest after a while but at some point I got it in my head that I was going to make this thing & do it RIGHT. I didn't want to let my kids down & I also wanted to finally bring something from my imagination to life.

    Fast forward to about 2 1/2 months later & I finished the cube which I'm actually quite proud of. It turned out wonderfully & contrary to some stuff I've built since it didn't have any predecessors, (basically, I couldn't follow in other people's footsteps), in terms of creating it.

    That spawned another project, the TARDIS build, which lead to the Flux Capacitor build, which lead to...so on & so on.

    Basically, I found out that when I involve things with emotional attachment or childlike joy in my building process...I just figure out a way to do it. It's sort of a visceral process, actually.

    The stuff I collect/build at this point is all connected to something I've seen, experienced, or enjoyed in my life...from movies, TV, or video games that is. Seems silly to build a replica of my Garfield bedspread from 1984 or something like that.

    That's my feeble contribution to the thread...
  6. RPF Premium Member sean's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Jacksonville. Fl
    Nov 23, 2012, 5:25 AM - Re: Why do you collect? #31

    I have always loved taking things apart and making something cool out of the parts ever sense I was a kid.and space has always fascinated me beyond anything.so sci fy has always been there. and along with the sci fy love affair. I have had the same fascination with weapons. so I started collecting building what I could.and one day I will have a sci fy weapons wall that I will enjoy and cherish.hopefully before I croak LOL...... that's me.....
  7. Member Since
    Nov 2012
    Nov 23, 2012, 11:38 AM - Re: Why do you collect? #32

    I have always collected stuff since I was a kid. I woul watch a tv show and try to get my hands in the related merchandise and come to find out they were not as cool as the on screen props. I use to make my own out of cardboard, etc. Ever since I have been out of college and have a job, I like being able to own real screen used props and replicas. They actually have thier own room.
  8. Prop Collector RPF Premium Member
    Member Since
    Jun 2010
    Nov 26, 2012, 3:37 AM - Re: Why do you collect? #33

    BTTFSpencer said: View Post
    Can I just say though; NOBODY appreciates it. If I show one of my props to family or whoever, they all pretty much turn into the Grinch.

    It amazes me that some are just so dull minded and oblivious to the awesome thing they are witnessing
    Luckily I have some good friends who love movies too. They don't collect props, but they live my collection. And even family members who are no particular movie lovers, recognize quite some props: the Iron Man helmet is recognized by everyone. And since the Arc reactor is right next to it, this one is recognized too. Other props that people recognize most of the time: Harry Potters Wand, Hammond's Cane from Jurassic Park, the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap and PKE meter, Batman grapple gun and batarangs (most people only recognize the gun because the rangs are right next to it), Freddy Krueger glove, ...

    Other nice props are almost never recognized: the Jurassic Park resonating Chamber, Skelegro Bottle, Meerschaum pipe, etc... Even some props I thought that were pretty well known are not recognized by many: Headpiece of the staff of Ra, Cross of Coronado, Jason's Hockey mask, etc...
  9. Adam Fails's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    United Kingdom
    Nov 26, 2012, 7:01 AM - Re: Why do you collect? #34

    TomVDJ said: View Post
    Luckily I have some good friends who love movies too.
    You're right, that is lucky! I have no friends and my family couldn't care less about my props, so I don't bother to show them any of my stuff.

    It's why I love this forum, other members at least appreciate how accurate my collection is, the effort I've put into it and what it means to me, even if they don't care about the props or the shows/movies they're from.

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