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    Apr 1, 2009, 10:50 PM - My proton pack build. ***56K beware!!!Pic Intensive!!!*** #1

    So this all started as a vaccuform kit from Javamonkey now Java from over on Proptopia.

    I got the kit back in 2005 with like 2 weeks before Halloween,so I got started right away.

    The pack has progressed and changed alot over the years,and guess what it's still not done yet.

    Pics from October 2005.

    Pics from August 2008.

    Pics from September 2008.

    Pics from October 2008,exactly 3 years to the day of me receiving the pack.

    The new gun courtesy of ddevil from Proptopia.

    Shots of my pack as of now.

    Hope you guys like,I'm hoping to finish this pack by Halloween of this year.

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